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:: About site

The site 'The SUPERCAR' has been launched in December 2003.

The programs used for creation of:
- web pages: Notepad, WordPad & Max' s HTML Beauty 2004
- menus: MSPaint, Easy GIF Animator & IrfanView, font 911
- images: IrfanView, MSPaint, ACDSee
- flash: Selteco Flash Designer 4(from
- web browser: MS Internet Explorer 5 & Opera 7
- FTP: LeapFTP & FileZilla (from

:: About webmaster

I like:
- music (techno, house, trance, rock, classic, pop, ...). e.g. Music Instructor, Flying Steps, Moby, ATB, Fatboy Slim, Linkin Park, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Scooter, Bomfunk MC's, PPK, Snap, Darude...
- movies (SF, Action, Comedy, Drama). e.g. Matrix trilogy, Independence Day, Star Wars, Bad Boys, The Fast and The Furious, A.I., Schindler's list,...
- webdesign, Flash & design in general;
- books (adventure, SF, drama,...) e.g. writers: Jules Verne, Jack London, Karl May,...
- PC games (Need For Speed series, C&C Red Alert, C&C Generals, Warcraft III, Colin McRae Rally, Unreal Tournament, Prince Of Persia,...).
- ... and of course, the supercars!

My favorites makes are: Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg. Maybe the best supercar is Koenigsegg CC 8S.