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1985 - Ferrari Testarossa
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1985 - Ferrari Testarossa

1985 - Ferrari Testarossa

1985 - Ferrari Testarossa 1985 - Ferrari Testarossa 1985 - Ferrari Testarossa

:: Info

The Ferrari Testarossa leaped to center stage of the automotive world in 1984 and remained there for 11 years as the world's fastest regular production car. It was the definition of "supercar" in its era, the innovative benchmark against which all contemporary sports cars were measured.

When Ferrari set about creating a replacement for the Berlinetta Boxer, a V12 engine, high performance, style and exemplary design were assumed. Ferrari dictated that luxury and practicality befitting the world's premier production sports car were also to be encompassed. Even as the Testarossa exerted a pull on the hearts and minds of car lovers, not to mention designers, Ferrari did not sit on their laurels. 1985's Testarossa evolved into the 512TR of 1991 and the F512M of 1995. With each evolution the styling, interior, and drivetrain were enhanced in a car that was always capable of speeds exceeding 180mph, accelerated to 60mph in approximately 5 seconds, and attained almost 0.9G lateral acceleration.

Base price: $87 000 USD.
:: Specifications

Year : 1985
Make and Model : Ferrari Testarossa
Curb Weight : 1506 kg
Layout : Mid Engine/RWD
Transmission : 5-Speed Manual
Configuration : Flat-12
Displacement : 4943 cc
Power : 390 bhp (290.8 kw) @ 6300 rpm
Torque : 480 nm @ 4500 rpm
Redline : 6800 rpm
Top speed : 290 kmh (180.2 mph)
Acc. 0-100 kmh : 5.3s
Acc. 0-160 kmh : 12.2 s
Acceleration 0-¼ mile : 10.5 s
Lateral Acc. : 0.87 g

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