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2000 - Koenigsegg CC
:: Photos

2000 - Koenigsegg CC

2000 - Koenigsegg CC 2000 - Koenigsegg CC

2000 - Koenigsegg CC 2000 - Koenigsegg CC

2000 - Koenigsegg CC 2000 - Koenigsegg CC

2000 - Koenigsegg CC 2000 - Koenigsegg CC

:: Info

The Koenigsegg CC is a mid engine supercar, built to excel on the road and on the racetrack. It provides an uninhibited racing experience and still enables fully comfortable long distance travelling.

It is currently the fastest street-legal car in production, with an estimated top speed exceeding 390 kmh (240 mph) and an acceleration that takes it up to 100 kmh (60 mph) in less than 3.5 seconds. The CC is made using state-of-the-art materials and technology; both body and chassis are made of carbonfiber, reinforced with Kevlar and aluminum honeycomb.

The Koenigsegg developed suspension system, modeled from Formula One racing, has been judged by expert test-drivers to provide better handling than any competing supercar. Its supercharged engine delivers 655 horsepower and a torque of 750 nm.

The design of the CC creates an impression of strength and flowing motion, and perfect aerodynamics have been achieved without compromising this aggressive beauty. A hardtop roof-panel, which is easily removed and stored under the front hood, covers the luxurious interior. The leather and aluminum fitted cabin incorporates all the top equipment for comfort and security.

Optional Equipment: Push Button Controls for Gearbox, ABS, Internet Access, stereo with naviagation & cd changer, rearview camera & GSM telephone

Base price: $268 674 USD.

:: Specifications

Year : 2000
Make and Model : Koenigsegg CC
Curb Weight : 1100 kg
Layout : Mid Engine/ RWD
Transmission : 6-Speed Sequential
Configuration : Supercharged V8
Displacement : 4600 cc
Power : 655 bhp (488.4 kw) @ 6500 rpm
Torque : 750 nm @ 5000 rpm
Redline : 7000 rpm
Top speed : 390 kmh (242.3 mph)
Acc. 0-100 kmh : 3.2 s
Acc. 0-160 kmh : --s
Acceleration 0-¼ mile : --s
Lateral Acc. : --g

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