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1957 - Porsche 550 Spyder A
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1957 - Porsche 550 Spyder A  1957 - Porsche 550 Spyder A

:: Info

The engine was equipped with for overhead camshafts which were driven by central pivots. The four-cylinder engine had a light alloy block and reached 135 hp at 7,200 rpm from 1,498 cm3. The cylinders and cylinder head were also of light alloy. Two double downdraft carburetors provided the mixture.

The engine was cooled with a stationary fan, whilst the engine was lubricated by a forced feed system with a separate oil tank with a capacity of eight litters.

In the case of the Spyder the top could be folded down and removed (scissors design). The Inner door panels were of cardboard and padded with synthetic leather, and the remaining surfaces still visible were covered with loop-pile carpeting.

The chassis was provided with a single wheel suspension at the front and rear - longitudinal support levers at the front and two transverse square leaf spring struts, plus a stabilizer. At the rear the jointed cross shaft axle was guided by longitudinal control arms, each with a round transverse torsion bar. The telescopic shock absorbers were of the double action type and the spindle steering had a 14.1:1 reduction (2.4 steering revolutions).

The vehicle achieved its greatest success with the Targa Florio, where the Italian Umberto Maglioli was the much acclaimed winner, in fact he won by a lead of 15 minutes.

:: Specifications

Year : 1957
Make and Model : Porsche 550 Spyder A
Curb Weight : 612 kg
Layout : Rear Engine/RWD
Transmission : 5-Speed Manual
Configuration : Air-Coolde Flat-4
Displacement : 1498 cc
Power : 91.4 bhp (100.7 kw) @ 7200 rpm
Torque : --nm @ --rpm
Redline : --rpm
Top speed : 240 kmh (149 mph)
Acc. 0-100 kmh : 8.2 s
Acc. 0-160 kmh : --s
Acceleration 0-¼ mile : 16.1 s
Lateral Acc. : --g

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