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2003 - Stola GTS Concept
:: Photos

2003 - Stola GTS Concept

2003 - Stola GTS Concept

2003 - Stola GTS Concept 2003 - Stola GTS Concept 2003 - Stola GTS Concept 2003 - Stola GTS Concept 2003 - Stola GTS Concept

:: Info

Going back to Turinís coach-builders old tradition of transforming standard production cars into custom-built cars, as it was very trendy up to the beginning of the sixties, Stola S.p.A. displayed its new prototype, Stola GTS, at the 73rd Geneva Motor Show in 2003.

Stola introduced quite a lot of changes, especially on the following parts:
- Completely modified exterior, racing paint scheme
- Interior modifications on the tunnel, instrument panel and floor
- Engine displacement increased to 3600 cc. engine desplacement with a power of 480 HP biturbo, and therefore also the brake system and the chassis have been modified, with water cooling system both front and rear.

With this project, in a way, Stola tried to revive the atmosphere of the seventies, both in some car parts (see the front and rear spoilers), and in the special blue and orange colour typical of the endurance races of those years.

In the respect of the production car manufacturer, the custom-built car shows only the inscription STOLA GTS.

Story by Stola.

:: Specifications

Year : 2003
Make and Model : Stola GTS Concept
Curb Weight : 1260 kg
Layout : Mid Engine/RWD
Transmission : 6-Speed Manual
Configuration : Flat-6
Displacement : 3600 cc
Power : 480 bhp (357.9 kw) @ --rpm
Torque : --nm @ --rpm
Redline : --rpm
Top speed : 300 kmh (186.4 mph)
Acc. 0-100 kmh : 3.8 s
Acc. 0-160 kmh : --s
Acceleration 0-¼ mile : --s
Lateral Acc. : --g

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